It’s Never Too Late To…..

The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I really love this quote by George Elliot, “it is never to late to be what you might have been!”  There are so many things in our life that we tend to get down and out about holding on to the feeling that we will never be able to do something because “it’s too late”! I don’t believe that it is ever “too late” and I know the saying “never say never” but this time I am going to say is never too late!

It’s never to late to apologize:  I don’t agree with Justin Timberlake that it is too late to apologize.  For me to not apologize for something that you may have done wrong is a cop out!  When you know you have done something that has offended another, to not apologize because it is too humiliating to admit your mistakes will end up hurting you in the long run!  You will be amazed at what it means to someone when you stop and take the time to make things right!  If you have ever done so, then you know how wonderful a feeling it can give you and the one you apologize to!

It’s never too late to love: I have read on  numerous occasions on posts, in stories, seen in movies when the question is brought up about loving someone, whether or not it is too late.  I don’t believe that it is ever too late to love, love ones that you have known your whole life that they were just friends, and now you have special feelings towards them.  Is it wrong or a bad idea some have asked me about falling in love with a friend they have had for years and I it isn’t, how better can it be to be in love with your best friend.  The love of your life often is your best friend too.  Is it too late after a certain age to fall in love?  Of course not, love is something that you can never be too late for!

It’s never too late to forgive: If someone has done something to offend or hurt you, it is never to late to forgive them and to let it pass.  Holding on to bitterness is only going to harm one person, and that person is you!  If you are able to move on after having been hurt, you will find that you have a whole new lease on life and that you will go one to be much happier and productive than you ever will be by allowing something to totally take the wind out of you!

It’s never too late to start over:  Boy, I ought to know that for sure!  I have started over in so many places, so many jobs, so many challenges in my life that it has almost become a part of my being.  Now that I am a little older I am looking forward to settling down a little bit!  But, some folks have not had to start over as many times as I, and others have never had too!  With today’s economic climate as well as in certain natural disasters, many people are finding themselves having to start all over from scratch!  It is not easy, but it is not impossible either!  You never know, you may embark on something all together better than what you had previously!  Look for the rainbow after the storm and you may find the magical pot of gold at the end!

It’s never too late to kick a bad habit: With the proper concentration and desire you can quit doing something that you have found is not good for you like smoking or over eating!  Of course if you have gone on for a long period of time, you will have caused a lot of damage already, but that is no reason to not go for kicking a bad habit!  Don’t let yourself fall into the “it’s too late to quit so I might as well just keep doing what I have been doing” trap!  Today is just as good a day as any!

There are so many instances where it is never too late!  I am sure you can come up with more!  Finish this phrase: It’ never too late to…..

Why Such Madness?

“Once again we find ourselves enmeshed in the Holiday Season, that very special time of year when we join with our loved ones in sharing centuries-old traditions such as trying to find a parking space at the mall.  We traditionally do this in my family by driving around the parking lot until we see a shopper emerge from the mall, then we follow her, in very much the same spirit as the Three Wise Men, who 2,000 years ago followed a star, week after week, until it led them to a parking space.”  ~Dave Barry

Every year in America, sad to say, thanks to the frenzy that there is on Black Friday, there are serious incidences that happen where people get hurt, trampled, beaten, sprayed and even shot at, in order to get that “deal” that they had set out to get.  Isn’t it wonderful to live in the “civilized world”!?  Amazing that people will go out and risk life and limb to save on some item of choice!

I confess, two years ago I did venture out on Black Friday to get an external hard drive that was on sale at Wal-Mart.  I didn’t bother to stay out over night in line to get in, I just showed up at the opening bell at 5 am and went in hoping there might be one left for me.  My plan was to leave and go back to bed should there not be any left by the time I got in the store.  All went well, I was not pushed, shoved, sprayed or shot, what a relief! The only traumatizing experience that I had was the one hour wait to go through the line to get out of the store, but even then it went well for me!  The electronics department was on the far end of the store and from that department there was a line that practically circles the entire mega-store.  I circled back around to the other end of the store and found a check out stand from the garment section that had a line to the cash register that was only a dozen people deep and got out of there not having even suffered serious leg pains for having to wait half a day to pay! Wow!

Despite the fact that I survived Black Friday, I decided that I would not do this ever again.  I am much more in favor of Cyber Monday from the comfort of my home clicking buttons on a screen happy to stay out of the jungle.  I am all for saving, I am thankful for the new handy gadgets and tools that have been created, but it is saddening to me that we have gotten to the point that these trinkets have gotten  to the point that they have become the spirit of the holidays!  As a child I really looked forward to Christmas, not only because of the gifts I might get, but for the Christmas spirit of that time while I was growing up.  The carols, the snow, the houses with their decorations!  We would drive through neighborhoods just take in the sites and beautiful paintings and lights that were displayed. It would bring our family closer together as it was a time to enjoy the tree that we decorated in our living room as we listened to the carols play in the background.

Now it has become yet another massive commercial-fest that I begin to dread as early now as November.  It has gotten to the point that I am looking forward to the end of the season almost before it begins.  It has become a stress-filled occasion rather than one that can be enjoyed together.  Of course, I strive to this day to recreate that magical spirit that I had experienced as a child, once for my own kids and now for my grand kids.  I so desire for them to know what Christmas and Thanksgiving really represent instead of it becoming some materialistic stress-filled mega-madness.

Do you find peace in the midst of the storm?  Are you able to enjoy the season without it overcoming you?  Share your thoughts!

The Doughnut or the Hole?

Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push.  A smile.  A world of optimism and hope. A  “you can do it” when things are tough. –Richard M. DeVos

I am, as I have previously written, a true believer in the power of positive thinking.  Being optimistic even in times of peril can do wonders to turning things around.  I also believe that the opposite is also true, if you dwell on the negative, the results will follow the same direction as your vision.  I have at times been surprised at people who have “followed” me on Twitter and then decided to drop me due to the fact that I mostly attempt to tweet about being positive.  There are however those who are greatly disturbed by anyone that promotes positivity, in fact, they even blame the ills of today on the “positive thinkers”.  There are those who are simply not “happy” unless they are miserable or at least have something negative to say about things.

But let’s face it, if you are practicing archery and decide to either not look at the target, look away or even close your eyes, the chances of you hitting the mark are reduced tremendously!  Whereas, if you keep your eyes trained on the target, you are much more likely to hit the bull’s eye!  The same is true that if you go on through life without any goal at all you are pretty certain to not get very far.  If you shoot at nothing you are sure to hit it!

Any athlete, any company, any country , anyone at all that wishes to achieve a goal, has to be striving in one way or there other towards the goal in order to reach it.  There will be times where you will miss the mark, make mistakes, have set backs, but that is no reason to stop striving all together.  When there are those times that things do not go as planned, and take note that I didn’t say if, but when, you have to remember to stay focused on what your objectives are .  It is important to stay positive and look the glass of water as being half full rather than half empty.  You have to take note that despite the fact that  there is a hole in the doughnut, there is a substantial amount of pastry to be eaten!

To stop and complain about the fact that the doughnut has a hole, or that the glass if half empty will only distract you from what you are trying to achieve!  Remaining positive that things will eventually work out despite the fact that we are going through a rough spot will go along way in helping you to get to the finish line.  So keep your eyes on the goal, keep the faith it will all work out just fine in the end!

Are you looking at the doughnut or the hole?

Thanksgiving- A Great Tradition!

Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude.  ~E.P. Powell

I have always looked forward to Thanksgiving Day each year regardless of where I was in the world.  Although it is a day that is celebrated in the States and for a specific purpose, I believe it should be a day to celebrate worldwide.  To stop and take a day together with your family and close friends in order to be thankful, what better purpose for a holiday is there?  As with any holiday, regardless of what it is for, commercialism seems to sneak its foot in the door to take advantage of the season.  Materialism tends to take hold regardless of the occasion and then the real significance gets lost in the euphoria of the spending and buying frenzy.  It takes the joy out of the reason for the season and can cause you to forget the real purpose for which you are taking this time off from the usual business of the day.

I love Thanksgiving Day, a day to stop and prepare  a special meal together, everyone taking part to contribute their portion to the meal.  Sitting down together with the ones you love to share a laugh, a smile a time  to share your gratefulness for what you do have instead of worrying about what you wish you had or cannot obtain.

Wherever our family has lived, regardless of the culture or those we have worked with, we have always introduced Thanksgiving Day as a day to remember and a time to sit down all together at a table and enjoy each others company.  It has made an impression as in Taiwan, Italy, and in South America we have friends that still take this day to commemorate the list of reasons that they need to be grateful for!  If I had my way, I would make it an International Holiday so that all the Peoples of the world would stop and take stock of what they have and give thanks.  Everyone in the family would be present to have a wonderful meal together, fun with the family.  Perhaps it could catch on and the family would decide from then on to do that more often during the year even.

We have grown so addicted to stress and running around feverishly to get somewhere to the point that hardly any families enjoy even one meal  to sit all down together!  It was a rule in my house as I was growing up that everyone be present for dinner in the evening!  I have tried to continue that good habit throughout the years with my family.  There is a little saying that goes “The family that prays together, stays together” and it is true.  Regardless of what your beliefs may be, if you learn to be grateful together as a family, you will learn to love each other mush more and chances are, you will be a tight-knit family that will be close forever, even if not geographically!

Are you thankful?  Then celebrate!

Freedom of Speech?

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.–George Washington

I am greatly saddened and somewhat embarrassed of late to read the news with how heavy-handed the authorities have gotten with protesters, who are simply attempted to enjoy their right of “freedom of Speech” which seems to have gone the way of all things that once made our nation great.  In America last year and even again today when we sit comfortably in our living rooms and watch our TV at the huge protests taking place in Egypt, Libya, Syria the commentary that is largely heard by most is: “good for them, they are standing up for their rights!”  Then once the authorities of these countries crack down on the protesters the reaction is, “oh how terrible, too bad they are in such a suppressed country, they need a change of government!” People do you even hear yourselves?

The fact is, there are serious problems with government in our country, serious corruption that begs to be addressed, and must be addressed.  Problems with the way things have been structured to protect those responsible for the economic debacle and it is not being addressed, it is only being applied an occasional band-aid to keep them afloat.  If the issues for which the occupy movement were to be seriously addressed, and something studied to correct the problem, I am sure that everyone would just go home and back to school or even back to work (when there are finally jobs to go to) without hitting them with batons, spraying them with pepper spray and using tear gas.

Freedom of speech yes, as long as it goes along with the status quo you can say all that you want, but if you take to the streets with your “freedom” and are met with violence, then what difference is there between Cairo and New York?  Things get hazy! Yes, I am free to write this article, that is fantastic, and chances are those who don’t agree with me will just let me know.  I am hopefully going to be able to go outside of my door and not get arrested or clobbered, but how on God’s earth are we going to see change if the government continues to ignore, and do nothing about the serious problems that a rather large number of the population are not happy with?

I am not thrilled to see protests, I do not necessarily enjoy having disruptions in the streets, dirty parks and all that these gatherings cause!  But I also do not agree with how the so-called solution to the problem is being administered.  I do not agree with the hypocrisy of certain individuals who are so upset at the protesters and calling for something to be done to “get them off the streets”!  These are the same ones that cheered on the protesters in Cairo to take down Mubarak (and they are the same ones that supported him for years!) These are the same ones that supported the invasion of Iraq, the killing of Saddam Husein and they are the very same ones that placed him in power to begin with!

In the constitution it states “freedom and justice for ALL” not for those who are privileged, nor only for those who own banks, nor only for those who are in government!  Would you rather we be lead to the slaughter like sheep?  I say, address the issues NOW, initiate the needed changes NOW, stop skirting the issues, placing ridiculous band-aids on the banking industry and beating and spraying your citizens!  What say you?

The Moody Blues

It is hardly possible to build anything if frustration, bitterness and a mood of helplessness prevail.–Lech Walesa

We are all different as human beings but at times we can be different ourselves at different times depending on the mood we are in!  Our mood can affect how we perceive things and what opinion we might have about a movie, a meal, a conversation or the even the political situation.  From one day to the next you can feel a certain way about life in general, go to bed and wake up the next day and have a totally different outlook on life!  There are circumstances and even the weather that can affect how we react to things as well, so it can sometimes be hard to say what we truly feel about certain things without giving it a little time to sink in and consider it more thoroughly, even our feelings for another person.

There have been times that I have watched what to some was a “funny movie” and I was not really in the mood when I turned the DVR on to watch the same movie perhaps a few days later.  To my son it was totally hilarious, to me by the time I watched it, in the mood I was in, it was utter foolishness and not funny at all.  Then time would go by, and I stumble upon the same movie and am in a less serious mood and this time around it had me rolling on the floor.

Now that we are entering into the winter months, and in the area where we live it is known for the fog that sets in for days on end.  It is cold, damp and what I consider miserable and I get flash backs of the time I lived with a house without the proper heating and I almost immediately have a sense of hopelessness and despair!  Others might feel the cool air and they are immediately reminded about the fun they had on a skiing trip in Colorado and they are immediately inspired!  We are all susceptible to mood swings and to being affected by our surroundings, it is not just women who are subject to mood swings.

The problem is, when we are dealing with life changing situations like the one we are all now facing with a multitude of problems, if we lack that sense of hopefulness, and allow ourselves to be affected by our current mood, it could cause us to make some big mistakes!  In order to make progress, it is all important to take charge of your feelings and emotions and have the ability to see things as they really are, not from the perspective of our current mood.

The current economical turmoil and political instability in many parts of the world could cause many people a sense of despair!  This is when it is important to have faith, faith in seeing something that is not there, at least not yet!  At times the reality is not that pretty, but if you are able to see things through the eyes of faith, what they could become, then you can have the confidence that it will all work out in the end!  The stock market either thrives on faith, or drops on the lack thereof.  It is really a matter of whether or note investors have confidence in its future or if they have a doubt, that is what makes it fluctuate!  Even the economy has its “mood swings”!

Is it hard for you to control your mood?  When you are in a “good mood” doesn’t everything, even your “problems” take on a different dimension?

Mr. Nice Guy

“We’re living proof that nice guys always finish last.” —Matthew Cooper

Who doesn’t like to be liked?  Life seems to be a lot better when you believe that everyone really likes you and you are seen as to be a very nice person!  It is important to be nice, but there are moments in which you have to get it in your head that being nice will get you absolutely nowhere!

I started out with managing a company and was determined to be nice to everyone making the work environment a positive place to be and to instil in everyone the vision of maintaining a good standard of cleanliness and organization.  This is all a wonderful plan, only one little problem, not everyone has the company at heart, many are just present in body from the time they clock in until they clock out, and the only real interest they have is to fulfill the bare minimum in order to get their pay check at the end of the month.

Wishing to make it clear what standard was expected I would make sure that everything was done to perfection and so I would spend time to leave a good example to the next shift of employees so that they could witness, through my example, what should be expected of them once they took on their slot.  Well I soon found out that people will be people and most of them truly do love work… they would watch it all day long!  The message that I was hoping to portray was strangely misread, the others were happy that I was willing to go the extra mile so that they could take it a bit easier!  I was simply trying to lead by example and be a nice guy to show my willingness to do the work that they too were expected to do.

I am not saying that you need to be mean in order to be a good manager and that being nice is not something to be as a person, but there are moments and positions and places where you have to not have the illusion that others will appreciate your kind acts.  The fact of the matter is, at your work place, you will be talked about in a negative way regardless of how nice you are.  If you want to get things accomplished you need to be pleasantly firm otherwise you will find that the roles will be inadvertently reversed, you will be dancing to the tune of your co-workers.

By being too easy-going you will be doing no one a favor, not yourself nor those you need to oversee.  They will never grow into more responsible individuals and you will never be a good manager or entrepreneur by trying to be “Mr. Nice Guy”.  Be nice, yes, but don’t forget the reason you were hired or why you are in the position that you are in!  The boss is always looked at through crossed eyes no matter how “nice” he might be, unless you happen to have some amazingly mature employees who have their work truly at heart.

Have you ever tried to be nice and ended up confused why it didn’t quite work out?

Three Wise Words–I Don’t Know!

“The true test of character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don’t know what to do.” –John W. Holt Jr.

Have you ever been around people who, even when you know that they don’t know much about the subject at hand,  they keep talking anyway as if they were totally knowledgeable?  Have you found yourself embarrassed that you didn’t know all that much about a subject, but you want so bad to be a part of the topic so you pipe in too without really knowing what you are talking about?

Some of the wisest words that can be spoken at a time that you are not sure about something are “I don’t know”  Of course we are all entitled to our own opinion, but if you really don’t know anything about the subject at hand the best thing to do is admit it and say, “I don’t know”.  The good thing about admitting not knowing something  is, we then are open to finding out more about the subject from someone who does know about it.  That is the beauty of having others who have talents and knowledge that we don’t have and to whom we can go to get some answers.

I believe that the reason many of us share our views about a subject we know little about is the fact that we have a need to “belong” to some group or crowd.  However, the fact that we don’t know everything about whatever is being discussed is actually very natural and normal and we shouldn’t feel embarrassed.  By using the wisdom in these words “I don’t know” we will be found wiser than if we are to just warm the air with our words.  If we remain silent for a time it might amaze us with just how much knowledge we can gain by doing so! And if you state that you don’t know something, then you can rest assured that you are in good company!

On the other hand, what you do know is a tremendous contribution!  It pays to know your stuff well so that you can be a help to all the other people who don’t know what you do.  It reminds me of a little joke that I heard some time ago about a guy that tells everyone that he and his brother knew everything!  So one day someone challenged him and said “oh yeah, well then what is the percentile of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere?” To the which he responded, “I don’t know” and this person said “ha, you see, you don’t know everything!”  then he quipped “that is something my brother knows!” Ha!  So, it is comforting to know that you don’t have to know everything, you can get your brother’s help!

And of course, if you don’t know something, ask Google or Wikipedia!  How much do you know?

Hit A Wall?–Turn The Corner!

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”–Michael Jordan

Wow, things certainly don’t go always as planned, in fact they hardly ever do!  You make plans, you calculate just how things should go, but then at a certain point you are met with an obstacle, something gets in the way!  So what do you do, give up or just try to plow through the wall?  Well, another consideration would be to go around the wall.  This may sound to you as very elementary, but sad to say giving up is exactly what many people end up doing.

It really bugs me when I read things like, “make money fast at home with out doing anything!”  The get rich quick just does not happen that way.  Yes, you can get rich quick, if you already have a bit of money to invest in something that just happens to be a success in a short amount of time.  But if you think you will start making big bucks by investing in a $20 kit that has the answers to great wealth, then you are in for a disappointment! People who are always looking for this “easy way” are afraid of walls.

To be successful, you have to get to the point where walls are obstacles that you look forward to. They make you strong, they get you to put on your thinking cap to find a new and better way.  But in the end, you will always have to resort to rolling your sleeves up and working for what you want to achieve.  If you were to come into a lot of money without having to work for it, you most probably would not have the necessary respect for it as you would had you worked hard!

Walls are there because that is just a part of life!  You embark on a new adventure, you travel up the road a ways, and boom sure as the nights follows day, there is an obstacle!  Finding alternative ways of reaching your goal is something well worth the while of getting the hang of.  The world is just full of people, circumstances and conditions that force us to change courses many times a long the way.  It is a wonderful thing, it keeps us alive, it keeps us creative and inventive.  With them we would just live a simple existence instead of being faced with the excitement of challenges!

It takes time patience and perseverance and just a simple desire to go somewhere, so something, and to change the world around us!  How do you deal with the walls in your life?  Do you stop and look for a sledge-hammer to bang away at it, or do you look for a way around it?  Your thoughts are appreciated!

Sharing The Luv!–Some Lessons Learned

Hello dear friends!  Isn’t it wonderful to have the Internet and the capability of making friends on every corner of the globe.  I haven’t even been blogging all that long, but I have been very happy and have enjoyed making so many new friends through this wonderful experience!  I have been learning a lot from many of my special friends through their experience and expertise who have learned through trial and error no doubt!

I have just changed my theme and layout once again as I too have been learning through trial and error.  For one, as a dear friend of mine Adrienne Smith had brought out in a recent post that she wrote, “Why Free Information Is Sometimes More Expensive” it is a fact that you can find some real “expensive bargains” out there that will end up costing you more money and/or time! This has proven true with my previous Theme which liked very much but it had some serious programming issues and would not allow me to be “visitor friendly” and allow you my dear friends the possibility to share your valuable input with my favorite plugin “Commentluv Premium”  So I decided to pull out my wallet and purchase a Theme that would allow greater possibility to my visitors to get traffic directed to your sites by enabling the unleashing of the poser of this one plugin.  If you are using WordPress, then you should definitely get it

As we go forward, whether we like it or not, a great part of business, relationships both business and romantic/friendship is taking place online.  It is important that we “share the wealth” so to speak and help each other out as in doing so we add richness to ourselves as well as others. As a community we can all help each other to grow! This is truly a great way to “share the luv!”

I am going to attempt to acknowledge some people here and share with you a few great people who have made a difference in my life so that you too can get to know them and hopefully learn from them as well.  I hate doing this as I am sure that I might forget someone, but here I go.

As mentioned already above, Adrienne Smith has a great site that is well worth you saving the feed for or signing up to!  A fellow Texan and down to earth woman who is as helpful and insightful as they come.  She is also fun to follow as she says is like it is!  Lisa Buben is a wonderful friend who is an expert as well to find those interesting little tidbits on her journey online and she shares them in her posts! Louise Hernan has a site with amazing poems that she writes on a number of topics.  They are simple but so amazing to read as they hit the “nail on the head” in each topic, if you like poetry you will enjoy her site! Sonia Winland has a great site on online marketing.  Sonia was one of the first friends I met on bloggers who was a great help to me in my humble beginnings.  A great site to get some pointers from! Ian Ieba in the UK is a great guy who took an online course and has been sharing some great tips through his experience with everyone, someone who shares the luv! There is another great guy who has a great amount of helpful tips and lessons on blogging that is well worth you time and that is Barry Wells.  Looking to read on relationships?  Go check out Anne-Lyken Garner as she has some very interesting articles on relationship!

These are but a few, but some of the main ones I have found to be great people to get to know!  I am sharing the luv with you today! And a very special mention of Andy Baily who bent over backwards taking time out of his busy schedule to make sure his plugin, commentluv premium, worked on my site.  That is the kind of person I delight in doing business with and who I trust!

The list would be truly long if I were to acknowledge everyone that has made their mark on me in the little time I have been blogging, but it is a start!  Thank you of course to, and who offer a tremendous service in promoting blogs!  I know Tony Berkman works long hours to promote his blogs on BlogCatalog and takes a very personal interest!

Thank you dear friends, I really appreciate you and all that you have been doing for me, for your friendship and for your input that enriches my life!

So, share the luv!  That is what it is all about! Don’t you agree?