You Wanna Get? Then Give!

Luke 6:38  “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.”

The rule of thumb from the beginning of time for those who hope to receive anything in life is that you have to learn to give first! This is true in any area of your life, a relationship, a job, your own personal wealth, because it is in giving out that you will then receive.  The Biblical verse above goes on to say, with the same intensity that you give out it will be given back to you again!  Wow that is pretty profound and contrary to our natural way of thinking.

There are so many gimmicks and offers saying “how to make money doing nothing from home“.  Sadly there are a lot of people who believe this and end up sending their money away to buy the “magical package” of material that will get them started on a great do nothing adventure to make money. Personally, I wouldn’t  want to make money that way even if it were possible, because when get anything without making the sacrifice, you end up not appreciating it, squandering it or losing it in the end!

The the corporate world has been changing in a big way, thanks to the Internet and Social Media.  They have now understood that in order to sell their goods, they need to start offering things up for free.  Whether that be a service, goods, or even just plain and simple free good advice.  People no longer read a billboard that has “buy this, buy that, buy the other” because they are more skeptical to this approach.  However if the company offers something which attracts their attention to that they like, this then gets their name out there by doing so, and then they are swarmed with customers.

This same principle of giving holds true in a relationship.  If you get into a relationship with the idea of “what can I get out of him/her”, then the relationship will be short-lived.  You cannot expect to be loved if at first you don’t love.  Unfortunately, too many people are afraid to venture out in giving, or committing themselves because they fear that the feelings will not be reciprocated. By not giving however, you then end up losing out, because you fail to follow this natural law of giving hoping instead to get first. The secret lies in giving without even expecting anything in return as you will not be disappointed, sooner or later you will come out a winner!

I hate to tell you, but everything that is worth anything costs something.  In order to get something you have to make the necessary sacrifice, whether that be through investment of money, time or your love.  And if you do happen to get something without the sacrifice, be careful, it may cost you more in the end than what you had bargained for.

As for me, I would rather work for what I get, I would rather give in order to get, it has worked for me my entire life in wondrous ways!  How about you?  Please comment and share how you see it!

Brown-Noser or Contributor?

“The danger in the leader-follower relationship is the assumption that the leader’s interpretation must dominate. If this assumption exists on the part of either the leader or the follower, creativity and problem-solving processes become stifled” — Patsi Krakoff

Any truly great leader or boss, if he is going to accomplish anything, knows that he needs to surround him or herself with people who are going to be honest and able to speak up if they see things differently than themselves.

At the workplace, it is normal that when you have just joined the team, you have everything to learn and it is time then to sit back and take it all in and learn how things are done.  But as time goes on, and you are given greater responsibility within the organization, it should become your responsibility along with everyone else to seek out ways that can help to improve productivity or service.

Too many people believe that in order to keep their job they need to become “yes-men” and just always agree with the boss.  In certain circumstances, like in emergencies, this could be what is needed, however on the long-term you will not be contributing in the way that is necessary in order to make the needed progress.

A boss who looks for people to “suck-up” to him is really insecure in his own leadership.  He feels the need to have someone affirm his position

Don't seek out this reward!

whether sincerely or not, as it tends to feed their pride. But it is better to inspire participation than it is to demand total submission.  A good leader seeks out help and knows that he, in himself, is not the “all-in-all”.  He builds a team around him, and after getting to know his team he then knows who he can pass the ball to trusting that it will not get fumbled.

The big problem with a “brown-noser” is that they are most likely to act as though they are with you whilst in your presence, but they are quick to criticize you when they are with others.  Most are entirely double-faced and can tend to cause more problems for the organization than good. The idea in the end is to build a good team so that it wins in the end, as in sports, if one team member thinks that he has to always carry the ball, the game will most likely be lost.

So if you want to keep your job, or make sure your business stays afloat, be a contributor, not just a wimpy bottom smoocher!  Your boss needs you more than he might lead on to make you think.  Naturally, keep in mind that you don’t know everything either, so don’t become over-confident or cocky either, as this also is of no help.  Be a team-player, be a contributor!

Why Work Hard?

“Hard work spotlights the character of people:  some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.”  ~Sam Ewing

Today more than ever is it important to be dedicated at the work place.  We are on hard times and jobs are coming difficult to come by so companies are studying ways to do more with less.  Sad to say, but that is the reality of things when times are tough… jobs get cut.  And who do you suppose might get the cut?

I am a firm believer in the philosophy of the  dear late Jim Rohn who has said over and over after being passed on down by his father who said: “always do more than what you are paid to do”!  This is an amazing concept that is hard for many to get their heads around but if you follow it, great things can happen!

Most people’s attitude is, man, not as soon as the clock strikes 5 I am gonna get out of this place”.  And they carry that thought from about 9:15am.  What you might not realize is, everyone else around you can feel the vibes, the customers, your co-workers, and your boss.  “Why should I care about that” you might be thinking.  I’ll tell you why, 1) attitude is contagious, and unfortunately negative attitudes are more contagious than the flu.  Therefore your attitude will transmit to your co-worker’s as he will then say to himself, well if John feels this way then I shouldn’t bust my back either. 2) The customers begin to feel it, 3) when the customers feel your negative attitude or “who cares” vibes they begin to feel neglected and think that maybe they should go elsewhere. 4) when the consumer begins to go elsewhere your company suffers, your job load is reduced, and guess who is considered for a cut.  Yep, I think you may be getting the picture, and when you start looking around for another place to work…. it ain’t easy!

I worked in Taiwan for a company that produces computer components as an Account Manager.  I was used to clocking in at a certain hours and clocking out at 5pm, to me this was normal.  I began to feel a bit funny when 5 o’clock rolled around and I was the only person who was getting out of my little cubicle to start heading for the door when everyone else just stayed put! So I asked my colleague who I worked with why it was that no one else was going since it was “time to go”.  He explained to me that in their culture (Chinese) that you are considered lazy if you leave before the boss left his office!” (The guy never seemed to leave his office!) I do believe that a balance is necessary between the east and west, but boy was I given a wake up call as this was definitely not how I had been taught from where I came from! I touched on the difference between east and west in another blog post that you can read here.

I am not saying that this should be the case, but what I would like to share here is that, anything worth doing is worth doing with all of your heart.  Since the better part of your day is spent at work rather than with your family, it would be in your highest interest to put your whole heart body and soul into it, especially since most likely your job will also benefit your family. You have to find a joy in the things you do!  If this simply is not possible because you hate your job, consider looking for another job where you can, if your able to even find one.  Than again, it really doesn’t matter what job you do, anything can get boring after you do it for a long while so be careful not to be led by the nose by your fickle emotions!

Then, once you have finished your work, done what you can to raise the spirit in your work environment through your positive input, put your whole heart into your relaxation, time with your loved one or ones!  What ever you do, do it with all of your heart! That is also the secret to your own happiness and well-being!