United We Stand Divided We Fall

“In this decisive hour of our national history, union means life and division means death“.–Bao Dai (Vietnamese Statesman)

On the topic of the current Occupy Wall Street movement and along the lines of the 99% vs. 1%, I wanted to expound on the topic that I had begun the other day.  In particular I would like to share one important point and that is, I do not seek to find fault in either the Democrats, or the Republicans, in one President or the other, but rather I would like to highlight corrupt politics in general.  Today’s partisan environment has been one of the main culprits along with what I have already shared about greed and gain and this has been a problem on each side of the aisle.  As I touched on in a previous post entitled “The Pot and The Kettle are Both Black“.

I brought out previously the fact that  particular interest groups have been in control of the economy now spanning each and every administration from the time De-regulation had begun as a practice.  These folk have been appointed and not elected by “we the people”. These are the ones who tend to capitalize on the growing economical demise that the 99% face, and therefore are not so interested in finding a fast solution.  They are also the ones that tend to control who gets elected, if they will be re-elected, and what the general foreign policy will be as long as it will go along with their continued financial gain.  In the end, they have been buying your Government, bringing corruption through lobbying and offering their support in exchange of continued bad financial practices.

In war, psychology is used to in order to steer public sentiment to either support or stand against the opposition.  In politics it works much the same. In every war there will be an attempt to sow division amongst a population in order to help topple a regime, or a Government that the aggressive nation is trying to defeat.  Just after the tragedy of 9/11 there was naturally a tremendous amount of emotion and hatred stirred up against the enemy heralding a much-needed unity within our country. Not only because it lacked unity within the States, but the Government also needed that unity in order to get a stamp of approval to make the necessary moves in order to go to war against “the enemy”.  The only problem was, who was the enemy? Al Queda claimed responsibility, but was not a nation and so it became tough to find out just where Al Queda was.

Well, we knew that it’s leader was hiding out in the mountainous area of Afghanistan, and we didn’t really like the Taliban either, so it made perfect sense to invade Afghanistan and get rid of the Taliban.  But, then things got a bit foggy when news started being disseminated that there were “arms of mass destruction” in Iraq, so a campaign was made that we needed to intervene on Iraq, depose of that awful dictator Saddam Hussein (who previously was placed in power with the help of the USA). But this all went forward thanks to the fact that we were able to capitalize on the spirit of unity at the time.

In order to win any warfare, any election, any game, anything at all you must have unity! And one way to beat the enemy is to create as much confusion as possible within their ranks to cause a spirit of disunity.  Once this is accomplished, the victory is almost certain! Today, as in 2001 we need to have unity.  Today the enemy is not a terrorist group, a nation, a certain political party!  Today our enemy is the current economical problem that we all face and the only solution to win the war is to recognize who the enemy is, and then to unite and fight!

As long as everyone is trying to blame a certain person, party or group we will never win the war! It is time now to expose the real enemy, unite and agree to stop the leaks, the greed, the agenda of who is really draining the system, taking advantage of the chaos that has arisen through partisanship and childlike bickering and squabbling, and roll up our sleeves and eradicate the real problem! Corruption in general in our politics for personal financial and or political gain! Whosoever is seeking, at the hurt of the nation and it’s unity, and is trying to gain for themselves is the enemy, division is a tool of the enemy, don’t be a part of it!  United we will stand as a nation, divided we will become a second-rate, weak and broke nation!  You choose!

I spoke my peace, what thinks you?

6 Replies to “United We Stand Divided We Fall”

    1. Hi Rebecca! It is sad yes, but the main problem I feel that there is way too much ignorance in that, instead of understanding issues, way too many people get stuck in the “monkey see monkey do” groove. They tend to follow a party regardless of what they say. Sort of like Facebook for example or twitter, when a celebrity says something however ridiculous it may be, 2 million replies are made, but when someone that is at least somewhat aware of things and has something worth listening to, says something wise, they may get but a fleeting glance! That is just how fickle our nation has become! That is what scares me, Justin Beaver could run for president in a few years, and he would probably win!

    1. Hi Lisa! Well, a President would not have enough time to do anything in 2 years. The problem of lobbying and corruption begins during the elections already so a shorter term would not necessarily solve the problem, Another problem is that our Senate needs to be under review as well as there is a lot of influence on them as well by the big money boys. In my view, the whole problem is deep rooted and difficult, unless there were to be a major clean up. This my view, unfortunately the only time that change comes about is when the people stand up. If they are wise, they won’t allow it to go on too far.

  1. I have to agree with you when you say we need to stop blaming one person or group. In order to fix this mess, we all need to work together to find a solution. Blaming never solved any problem.

    1. Hi Sally and thank you for stopping in! Absolutely! The only real way to go forward is to roll up our sleeves join hands and agree to disagree and find common ground in order to turn things around!

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