Who’s Fool Are You?

Opinions are formed in a process of open discussion and public debate, and where no opportunity for the forming of opinions exists, there may be moods /moods of the masses and moods of individuals, the latter no less fickle and unreliable than the former /but no opinion.”–Hannah Arendt

We live in a world where the majority of the people do not have an opinion that is there’s alone. We tend to get so caught up with what is happening around us at the moment,  rarely taking the time to pause and seek to fully understand an issue before we reach our own conclusion!  It is far easier to latch on to an already existing mindset and jump on to the band wagon without a full understanding of what it represents. You can get too dogmatic towards a “cause” that you just follow blindly wherever it may lead you! In politics we too easily latch onto the “conservative” or “liberal”  sides and then forget to take a look at where either of the two may be going.  Young people (and some older alike) tend to follow a fad, trend or the latest celebrity.

Particularly in America, I dare say, we are a fad driven population that is way too influenced by who really should be the very last to influence us given the fact that the only thing going for them may be popularity, but all other roads lead to a dandy bad example.  Too many people are so gullible and suckers for the shallow fame of celebrities that they spend the larger part of their waken hours following every step of news or gossip that unfolds in the lives of these people.  This is one very big reason why we have fallen into the mess we are in today!  So many are distracted by the less important details of what “so-in-so” is wearing to the party rather than the growing economic problems that are being faced by a large population of the country.   Scary!

Those who have been awakened to the serious state of the economy and have been raising their voice about it seeking change are counted as fools from the others who may, for them moment, not be suffering all that much and who have been highly distracted by this fact.  But really at the end of the day..who’s fool are you?  We are all influenced in one way or the other, but we do not have to use this as reason to follow blindly others without stopping for a while to fully understand where we are headed.  You can’t just jump on a bandwagon just because “everyone else is” and it is the popular thing to do.

Situations change, conditions change, all things change and you have to keep your eyes open in order to make the necessary turns to stay on the road!  Close your eyes for a few minutes and you will soon find yourself in a ditch, or worse yet, over the edge of a steep mountain! Don’t be a fool and follow blindly anyone else or you just might find yourself following a blind man who will lead you over the edge! Entertainment is great, but then there is a time to put the pop corn away, shut off the TV and get down to real business!

Are you being led around by the nose by others, or are you keeping your eyes on the road?

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  1. Great post – I know several people that hide from the truth because its depressing and just watch entertainment. Many others probably feel they can’t do a thing about it. I once watched a movie where 1 vote counted. It made a huge difference. My mom always says that too – every VOTE counts. But you have to be paying attention and not get apathetic and vote each election from an informed decision. It’s sad to see in this free country the number of people who go out and vote. The percentage should be much higher. Other countries take their lives in their hands when they go to vote.

    1. We are all so addicted to entertainment that the sirens of the world tend to lull us to sleep. It plays out just fine for those who can take advantage of the situation. It is sad however that many wake only to see their house being taken from underneath them! Americans need to get back to using their heads, not just a part, some just their eyes, others just their ears, need to use it all! Thank you for your valuable comment Lisa!

  2. I tell my kids about this all the time, but when you’re young it’s hard to see that falling in with the crowd is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    I like to make my own boundaries, based on the things I’ve learned. TV does not influence me, but then again, I’m a mature person. Youngsters are influenced by games, friends, and celebrities.

    1. Thank you for your comments they are truly appreciated! It is pretty normal for young people to fall into following the crowd, What is concerning to me is that now there are so many grown and supposedly mature people who are easily influenced when it comes to voting or issues that they should be more aware of. Thank you again for stopping in and sharing your thoughts!

  3. Hello Rusty,
    To be honest with your question i’m nobody’s fool. At least not anymore, i had a revelation that change my way of living. I come to the idea that you can’t please everybody.

    1. Excellent point! It is impossible to please everyone! In fact if you try to base your life n it you will end up being pretty miserable most of the time! Thank you Radu! I am happy to have you some in for a visit!

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