I Fell Out Of Cyber Space!

Wow, it has been a while!  I am sorry for such a long absence, I fell out of cyberspace but I am still alive to tell the story!  I have had to reorganize my time recently since I have taken on a new business which has taken my full attention and concentration.  As the saying goes “what is well begun is half done”, it really takes only a little distraction to lose everything if you are not careful and so I have been putting in my full 110% attention into my new project.

This is what I wanted to share with you, and that being, when you start something new, you need to take a good look at every aspect of your business, or job in order to see where you might make any necessary adjustments for it to become a success.  In my case, we have taken over an already existing business which was doing fine, but which has no end of potential growth.  There were a few people who had been there for a very long time and who had grown used to the way things had run up until now, so they were not interested in seeing change, as that would mean they might have to change the way they were working.  So in order to help them grow, and for the business to have a chance to grow as well, we had to leave them home.

Making this type of decision is never easy and it brings no great joy, but if you can see the silver lining, even for these people who had gotten themselves stuck in a rut that they were unable to free themselves from, this is a wonderful opportunity for them to grow as well. Change is necessary in our lives, for without it we tend to become the living dead!

In addition to the time that is necessary to dedicate to this business, being that it is located in Italy, those of you who have never attempted to start a business in Italy have no idea what the word bureaucracy means! It is almost like going on a roller-coaster ride for your first time, you are not sure you will come out alive!  Here, everyday there are new laws in order to survive the current crisis and so you have to be real careful to read every joy and title to make sure you are in line to avoid an ever growing minefield of fines and sanctions. Something you would never wish on anyone. So if you see flares in the sky proceeding our of Italy, that is  me calling for help!

I hope to stay true to my commitment to writing and sharing my experiences!



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  1. Wow… after long time. BTW nice article Rusty 🙂 I like the title very much. Change is what we need for our lives though we naturally resistant to change. And the silver lining you talking about is the positive aspect of things. No? 😉 However seems it’s really hard to get on with businesses there.

    Good luck with your new business in Italy and to overcome crisis there 🙂


    1. Hi! Nice to be back! It was a long fall…but I survived! Ha! Yes Change is indeed necessary in order to progress! It is nice to be back and I will try to get back on here with a few of my lessons learned!

  2. Nice to see you back on cyberspace Rusty. Can’t wait to hear about the experiences. It’s hard to believe it’s a big bureaucracy there in Italy, thought only here in the US. Best wishes on your new adventure.

    1. Lisa, you have no idea what you have to go through to get something started here, in the US it is a walk in the park in comparison. There is still a bit of a socialist mentality here and there is no wonder why there are so few if ANY multinationals that chose to base out of here. Italy is really nice to visit, but not necessarily where one might think to invest to run a business.
      I will no doubt learn a lot! I will be happy to share what I do end up learning! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Anne! I hope I can keep up with everything, it is truly a test of my ability to multi-task, so far I have not done so great! I will certainly keep trying!

  3. Great blog! I went back and read some of your previous posts… very open and honest which is refreshing! Thank you for this latest blog. To someone who is trying to start a home business, it provided a dose of needed inspiration. Thank goodness I’m starting a business from the comfort of home vs a business in a foreign European land! 🙂 Good luck!

    1. I am truly happy that you enjoyed reading. I wish you the very best with your home-based business. It is truly an adventure to begin a business in another country, I am certainly learning a lot! Thank you for your encouraging comments! Have a wonderful day!

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