Personal Mission Statement-Do You Have One?

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.– Albert Camus

Whatever you do in life, whoever you may be and whatever your goals in life are, it is important that you prepare your “personal mission statement”.   If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything, and if you are not sure where you are headed then you will for certain get lost!

What do I mean by a “personal mission statement”?  Well, each of us as individuals have a great impact on the world that surrounds us.  We affect people at home, we influence people at work, we leave an impression on others in school…no man is an island.  A great sad reality today in the world we live in is; too many are influenced by the economic environment instead of a self-imposed ethic standard by which they would like to live.  Way too many of us will compromise what we believe or feel to be right, in order to gain and this is precisely what has led us into the current economic woes that we have all fallen victims to today!

Just as in business you have choices, hard choices such as, should we take a hit financially in order to right a wrong so as to satisfy the consumers..or should we leave things as they are and get what we can today at the dis-satisfaction of the customer?  When you decide to take the tough road of satisfying the customer, it costs you initially but most likely you will gain  long-term satisfaction and future and continued income.  If you choose the latter, you may earn more today, but fail on the long-term!

The same goes for your personal decisions and self-set standard.  If  you compromise your personal ethics in order to gain today, in the long-term you may end up losing big time in the long run!  You have to set what you would like to be known for, brand yourself in such a way that others will know what you stand for, and once you have done this, will have the customers that you want and need!  Sit down and write out your personal mission statement. Set your own standard and live by them, you will find that others will seek you out because of the value you have to offer!

Do you have a personal mission statement?

8 Replies to “Personal Mission Statement-Do You Have One?”

  1. Not officially but that is a great idea Rusty! I do set goals all the time but have NOT done a personal mission statement. Something else to really consider.

    1. I thought this was a great idea as well. Upholding personal values can be tough, but once you do stick to them, you gain true friends and greater respect.

  2. I don’t have a mission statement. I do have a mission action, though. This is to always have a positive impact on people whose lives I touch. I want to do something good for them so that they can pass it on.

  3. I am trying to develop a personal mission statement. I thought that I could pattern it to a fictional character that I like, however it seems it doesn’t “speak” my soul – at least some of the values. Thks for sharing!

    1. Hey Ban, You have to make financial goals, otherwise you will find yourself in a mess like a great majority of humanity. My thoughts on the matter are to make sure that you don’t compromise your own personal values in order to achieve them! Have a wonderful day and I wish you the best!

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