A Pitch for the Kindle

I wanted to take a moment here to comment on one of my new “investments” which I consider one of my best yet!  Not long ago I decided to buy an Amazon Kindle for my reading.  Since I spend a lot of time at the computer, I have found that lately my eyesight has been getting worse.  Staring at a computer screen for a long period of time is not good at all for your eyes.  My brother showed me his kindle that he had purchased not long ago and told me how convenient that it was to use etc..  Well, I finally broke down and got one for myself and my wife since she is a real book-worm.  I am sold!  The e-ink makes it so easy to read in the proper lighting since it has no back lighting.  I can now spend a rather long period of the day reading from the kindle without it taking its toll on my eyes.

Another great thing is the fact that when I need a book, all I need to do is run a search on Amazon, click the one click button and in 60 seconds I already have the book that I need.  No more searching the book store, or waiting in line to get a clerk to run a search on the store computer!  You can carry the Kindle out in the broad daylight and still see the page since it has no glare.  I am probably saying all of this to many of you out there that have had it for years and are thinking, wow where has he been?  But since I have been truly happy with the Kindle I thought to make a pitch for it!  In fact as you can see I have a link to the Amazon store on my blog.  –Happy reading!



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