Complaining Criticizing and Mud-slinging

He who throws dirt is losing ground! –Author Unknown

It takes no effort whatsoever to criticize another, especially since we have no idea what they have gone through.  It cracks me up to see someone watching a soccer, football or basketball game and their comments are, “what an idiot, why didn’t he just do this or that“.  I’ve been guilty of the same, and then you stop and wonder if it had been you in that game under the same circumstances whether or not you would have been even capable of even a fraction of what this guy was able to perform.  It is too easy to make these comments when we are seated in the comfort of our living rooms sipping on a beer or a some drink and eating potato chips!

We are all so quick to judge, but we tend to measure other people’s performances from our personal perspective and perhaps we are right to arrive to a certain conclusion, only if it were ourselves in that specific situation.  But we are all different, come from different backgrounds and experiences, so to sit comfortably and pass judgement on others is simply not right or fair.  I believe that it is possible to overcome difficult circumstances to achieve great results, but it is up to the individual to get to that point!  You can try to help others to understand that all things are possible if you put enough effort, but as the saying goes, “you can take a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink” not everyone will decide to take a drink. We just have to take them as they are.

Some people seem to thrive on putting others down and poo poo anyone that dares to say that you can overcome, or that you can make it if you try hard enough.  Just the other day I was on Twitter and I saw the most ridiculous tweet that read something like “positive thinkers and self-improvement guru’s are to blame for the current economical problems” .  It made me sort of chuckle to read such a silly comment and most likely this is the sort of person that thrives on putting anything and everything down and sings the “it can’t be done”  dirge in the attempt to justify their own in-capabilities.

I have a deep admiration for the seemingly underdog who has defied all odds and has come out a winner.  I cannot stand instead to constantly hear how it can “never be done” from the whiner.  If your circumstances were to truly dictate your ability to make it in the world, then Oprah Winfrey should go back to an abused household and the ghetto.  So if you are not making it in life, if you are in a dilemma, get busy and do something about it, don’t spend your minutes, days, hours, weeks, months, or years belly aching and complaining about why you are not able or shouldn’t be expected to get anywhere! What a waste of time! And if you are busy trying to criticize others and put them down, be careful you are only putting yourself down and wasting precious time!  If you want to be miserable, go in your closet and be as miserable as you want, but don’t share your lack of faith, don’t tweet about it, get up off of you a** and get busy doing what you can.

There was a song that I used to sing years ago (yes I sing sometimes even outside the shower stall) and the chorus goes like this: Walk a mile, walk a mile in his shoes, don’t put down criticize or accuse.  Take the time to feel the things  he’s going through, see just how it feels to walk a mile in his shoes”  There are those who know how to overcome, others that are in difficult situations that may need some understanding and a helping hand, but that does not mean that they are any worse than you are. Whichever the case, we should make the attempt to understand where they are coming from and empathize with them and to accept them as they are.

Are you a winner or a whiner?

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  1. Rusty – You keep outdoing yourself!!! 🙂 This post is not only timely, with so much complaining going on these days about everything and everyone – it’s also an inspiring heads up to us all – to try not to judge. By the way, I always loved that song “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” too. 🙂

    1. Yes there is a lot of complaining going on, and everyone is trying to find a culprit! When all it amounts to is complaining, it doesn’t help the situation but only aggravates it. What we need are solutions, then it makes the complaining worth it all. I believe though the fact that so many are now sharing their voice, it helps the government to realize the need to find a solution. At least I hope so! I really appreciate your ivisit Louise! Have a wonderful day!

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