Facetime Vs. Facebook

Social media sites, chat, online social sites in general have taken the world by storm and have been a wonderful addition to our life and life style.  I for one, having lived abroad for most of my life and distant from loved ones appreciate the possibility to stay in touch and share news, pictures, video, and to have a less expensive alternative to communicate more freely and regularly with my loved ones at home.  But with every great new invention, there are some definite set backs through overuse by spending too much time or having a false balance in your lifestyle, it can cause irreparable damage, so beware!

While it a great tool that we can use to keep in touch with our distant loved ones, make new friends, share ideas, pics and videos, it could be the very thing that is robbing of us of one of the most important things that we have and that is of most valuable to those around us…our time.

I have personally witnessed and heard many a story of how social media has been the cause of break-ups of couples and families due to it coming between the people involved.  Persons who have lost total contact with the real world due to their over-presence in the virtual world.  Some who have thought to have found their soul mate online (some do but not always the case) leaving behind their husband, wife or kids for another whom they think they know. The same goes for computer games that can be perfectly fine and fun, when not taken to the extreme such as in the case that a father or a mother, a wife or a husband are so into the addiction of playing to the neglect of those who need them now.

Then there is the debate as to how a company can not hire you or fire you due to content that you have put out into cyber space.  This may be unfair in some instances where you may post one or two pictures with a can of beer in your hand and all hell breaks loose at you workplace, but when 95% of your pictures share your party time and boozing it up, well it might be a concern to me as well.

Life is way too short to allow it to be fettered away on long distance relationships, and this is true mainly for those who may be depending on you here and now.  The training of a child while it is still in its tender years are the VERY most important as that time is when his/her personality is being developed and his/her sense of security is all important.  If you miss that, unfortunately there is no turning back the clock. Already adolescence is tough, but just wait until that neglected tot grows up! Your mate may not wait around so long for you if most of your time (love) is spent with others.

Any addiction is a prison! I once heard a story of the prison inmate who passed away after having spent the better part of his life behind bars that when they went into his cell to collect the few items left behind, there on the wall written hundreds of times were some of the saddest words in the English language, “If I only had, If I only had, If I only had”.

Use your time wisely, use these wonderful new and great tools of technology, just don’t allow them to use you lest you too may be heard saying… “If I only had.”

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  1. Rusty

    I totally agree with you! I too have witnessed people start having affairs with others, people over share their personal information – like where and when they leave their children at school. I even met with a Social Media representative for a major organisation, who seemed to be more concerned in getting back to their virtual world – refreshments were not even offered to me. On the plus, the social media world has given me great opportunities and connected me with some wonderful people. It, like you rightly say, is an addiction, one if not used with caution can have a drastic impact on your life.


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