Fear of Failure-The Greatest Inhibitor

There is so much in life that we miss out on simply for the fact that we are hindered by our fears.  To start something new and venture into unknown territories can be a very scary thing indeed.  But on the other hand, if you never try your hand at something you will go on for the rest of your life potentially missing out on something that could have improved your life forever!

Fear can be caused by a number of factors, and one of those factors  when it comes to breaking out and trying something different, is the fear of what others might think about us!  Take learning a language for example.  I have lived in a number of countries where it has become necessary in order to communicate with the locals to learn the local language instead of depending on my mother language English.  I have tried my hand at teaching English (not my fortè) and one thing I have been convinced of is the fact that many people are not able to learn a language due to their fear of making a mistake and having people make fun of them or laugh at them.  (I have entertained many a person with some of the silly things that I said in other languages) I have found through personal experience that the very fact that others might laugh at me helped me to learn even faster.  It is no fun having others laugh at you for a silly mistake in accent or pronunciation, but you can take it one of two ways.  1) stop trying out of pride for fear of getting laughed at or 2) let it be a reminder for how NOT to say it.

Mistakes happen, but instead of having a fear of making a mistake stop you from possibly embarking on something that might become your greatest achievement in life, try going for it mistakes and all, as mistakes can often become a fall upwards!  Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors ever once said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas Edison never gave up, was ridiculed for some of the crazy ideas that he had, and went on to achieve great success after many more failures.

So, don’t let fear stop you from being or becoming all that you can be!  Others might laugh at you today, but they will then be admiring you tomorrow!

3 Replies to “Fear of Failure-The Greatest Inhibitor”

  1. Great post and absolutely agree! The fear of failure can paralyse us if we give it the chance to, so it’s really in our own hands whether we choose to be overcome by this fear and thus fall short of our natural potential.

    Failure and success are partners on our journey to achieving our goals in life. Without failure we cannot truly appreciate the meaning of success.

    Thanks for sharing your excellent thoughts.

    1. So true, pride can be in the end the real reason that people fail. You can do so much if you don’t care what other’s say about you. Learning languages is an example. If you are afraid to be teased when you say something the wrong way, than you won’t ever try to speak, if you don’t practice speaking, you won’t learn the language. THanks for stopping by!

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