Look Before You Leap!

Look before you leap for as you sow, ye are like to reap.– Samuel Butler

It really pays to take the necessary time to consider every angle of a situation before taking the plunge!  I have made so many mistakes throughout my lifetime because I tend to be a person who has acted on inspiration rather than being logical.  Inspiration is a wonderful thing and it is important!  When you are inspired you have enthusiasm which can push you forward through difficult times, but it is not the all-in-all and cannot be depended upon when making decisions.

I have learned (and am still learning) the importance of taking a good long look at any new projects in order to count the cost.  When you do take a leap without looking, you are certain to learn lessons through potential mistakes, but you can be miles ahead if you are to go slow and consider all the angles and potential scenarios or ramifications.  There is a quote that often has spoken to me and it goes, “if you go slow you get there quicker or at least you get there!”  Another little saying is in regards to the fable of the hare and the tortoise which goes “the hare never made it but the tortoise did”.

You can think that you will get somewhere quicker if you rush in full speed ahead, but the fact is you may never reach your goal if you don’t study the road first and plan you trip.  I guess when I was younger, it didn’t seem so important to me to take the time and consider everything, I just wanted to get started and get going.  But now that I am mature…ahem, I cannot afford to make too many hurried mistakes, time could run out and leave me in a real fix.

This may seem pretty elementary to most of you, but unfortunately may problems, and in particular, financial problems are caused due to improper investigation.  These then cause trains on relationships with spouses and partners which then lead to even greater difficulties which may have not been taken into account.  So it pays to learn early on to look before leaping!

Do you look before you leap?

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    1. I am in the middle of a few decisions that are important to go slow, and since I have made the mistake of jumping too quickly in the past, this post comes from the heart! Ha! I most likely will be posting about my new adventures soon! Take care Lisa!

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