New Life Springs Forth!

After a hard cold winter, I have to say I love spring!  Experiencing the four seasons is so amazing, things evolve and change so fast as you experience the life, the death and the rebirth of nature.  But I can safely say that Spring is may favorite season.  I just love seeing the trees bud, and what seems to be literally over-night, they are filled with leaves once again in preparation to shade you from the heat of summer.

I am blessed to have a beautiful garden full of trees and flowers.  It takes some time and attention to keep up with it all, but it is such a fun thing to do and to get the whole family involved in.  Everything that is worth anything costs something.  This has always been and will always be a simple truth.  If you want something in life, you have to be willing to make the effort to work for it.

Nature is wonderful, it is beautiful on its own, and we can still enjoy it as is, but if you want it to be wonderful, you have to work at it to help it along; this is a gift that God has given us all, the capability to work at something to make it into something ever better. It reminds me of a little story where there was a man who had a beautiful garden.  Everyone in town enjoyed strolling past his garden to take in the beauty of it all.  One day the town pastor came strolling by and saw the man as he was working away on the garden and he commented to the man, “God has blessed you my son with a wonderful garden!” To which the man answered, “yes but you should have seen it when the Lord had it!”

The moral being, we need to take the gifts that we have and work towards making something even better.  Life can be tough, but if you work at it, wonderful things can flourish from it all!  Have a great day!

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  1. Rusty, beautiful flower and so true – anything worth something takes work. Nothing is easy. A garden is a great way to remind of us that. The weeding is never done. Enjoy your garden! Love to see more pictures of it.

  2. I love my garden too. I used to have a bigger one, but have downsized a bit (up-sized the house – so had to 🙂 As you said, and I truly believe, you can’t have something worthwhile without working towards it. I try to teach my kids this too.

    1. There is a time and season for all things, sometimes you have to have more living space for the family, and then there comes a time that you can downsize the house and have a greater outdoors. Either way, it is wonderful! Take care Anne!

  3. Its really nice enjoying all your plants in your garden during spring season lot of them have flowers that blooms.

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