Social Media and Marketing Takes Commitment

I was talking with my sister the other day who is an MD and now specializes in diet, nutrition and helps people take care of themselves to avoid taking unnecessary medication.  She has so much to offer people and has a practice and clinic that is pretty successful, but I feel that she could do so much more and reach so many more people if she were to move towards an online business, blog and consultancy.  She is really not so into the Internet and is in fact a bit resistant when it comes to going online and “putting herself out there”, in her words.

Although I can understand her concern with the “dangers” of the internet and social media I have to say it is just as dangerous and perhaps even more so to drive to work and back!  She can’t see herself sitting at a desk in front of a computer hour after hour as she prefers the face to face approach.  I can see that, I too prefer the personal touch, however my view on this subject is that regardless of what you decide to do, whatever way you perform your work, your duties, it will take hours and a great amount of your time… it takes a commitment.

In order to become successful it takes a great deal of time, and the more people who you come in contact with, the higher the percentage of success there is! If you have something valuable to offer people, such as my sister has, I feel that you can’t afford to ignore social media, the Internet, and cyber marketing.  If you don’t jump in and commit your time and attention to this powerful tool that has been opened up literally to any and everybody then you are likely to be left behind. I agree that the personal touch is still very important and should not be ignored, however in order to set the height of potential for your influence all together, social media is very important.  I would say a good balance between the two is important, and neither should be neglected.

Many people are afraid of the “big brother” all-seeing eye that is obviously there with online work.  But believe me, big brother has been watching you anyway, even while not online!  Just having a cell phone, turned on or turned off, will transmit your presence at every minute every day! And if you have a credit card, for decades, you have been followed! The social media revolution is here to stay, so you might want to get on board before you get run over!

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  1. I so agree, big brother has been watching anyway and so much good can be done online. And yes it does take time but they are free tools like the Buffer to save time.

    1. I am finding out for sure that it really takes your undivided attention! While traveling it has proven to be difficult. I hope that my sister will decide to get a blog going, she could help a lot of people! Hope you are well Lisa! Take care!

  2. Yeah Rusty, personal touch is really matters when you are offline. That’s the most precious natural communication behavior and I think most of older generations only believe in this. However with the emerge of technology, social media becomes one major pathway to reach wider audience. It’s rather acts as a messenger – for GOOD and BAD intentions. The COMMITMENT you put on social media with your skills or proficiency (blend with positive intentions) will be able to help out more people around the world and sometimes it could be a life saver. So if the intention is to offer something valuable for people, yet social media is the best place to execute our actions. Else our values will be only limited for the people who stay in touch or around us as we did in old times.


    1. Hi Mayura! I agree, if you really want to help as many people as possible, reaching out online is the way to go! It is amazing just how fast “word of mouth” travels these days with all the wonderful tool that we have at our hands! THank you for you visit and wonderful comment!

  3. Nice post Rusty!

    I can well relate to what you sister must be going through, as I have also often noticed that professionals and especially doctors or MDs really don’t have the kind of time to be on the Internet or spend online time interacting with people whom they don’t know. For them interacting and meeting people in person is any-day better and something they can relate to.

    You are right when you say that to reach out to more people or to connect further, you do need the social media and you do need the Internet- something that has now become almost the norm. However, you do need time and commitment for everything online as well 🙂

    Guess your sister would slowly be driven into the rut of Internet and social media, when she knows there’s really no escape and when she is eventually ready for it.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena, thank you of for stopping by and for your comments. It is a bit of a mind bender for many to go online. It is a fact with any type of “day job” after the day is over, you are not necessarily looking for more to do. It is usually time that you just want to kick back and relax, and of course spend time with your loved ones and family! I guess in this case, being that I know that my sister has so very much to offer in order to help others, I hope that she will be able to amplify her audience. She has spoken of writing a book and of course, social media and the internet are great tools to be successful if you do it right! I really appreciate your visit!

  4. If she wants to write a book, I can give you the info of someone who has experience in online/self publishing and can offer a very personalized project management of all the details and steps that would be needed.

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