Staying Positive in a Negative World

It takes a great effort to stay positive when all around you, for miles in the distance, just about all you can see are endless gutters! Unfortunately the  media has discovered that bad news sells, and so in order to make a buck the media spends a large amount of time finding all the bad news that they can publish!  We are greatly affected by what we see, hear, read and come in contact with and this can, by and large, dictate our general state of mind.

We can overcome this, and you may be surprised to know that getting a prescription for anti-depressant drugs is not the actual solution.  (I know that this is what you have seen on TV is sure to be the solution!)

The brain

The mind, just like your body, is affected either positively or negatively in accordance to what it is fed.  If what you spend your time doing is reading or watching negative news taking in story after story and scene after scene of economical gloom and doom, kidnappings, murders, rapes, robberies, and how your favorite actor or actress has never been able to establish a meaningful relationship, you may be setting yourself up for disaster.  If you constantly eat foods that lack in nutritional value and are high in fats or sugars, you will find out within the short of term that your body will grow weaker and weaker and will not be able to fight off bacteria and diseases as it was created to do.  The same is true with your mind, what you take in will sooner or later have a direct effect on your outlook on life and your state of mind.  This in turn will have a negative affect on your relationship with others, and making it difficult to find friends, concentrate at work, thus rendering less effective your value as a person to those who count on you.

Sad to say, there are people who are not ‘happy’ unless they are miserable, and oh…how misery loves company!  Some folks thrive on bad news and negativity, and they usually gravitate towards others of like mind.  I can remember as a young teen how it came so natural to hang around with my friends and chew over our discontentment with how terrible things were.  It is a normal part of growing up, and at that age as you enter adolescence you are just beginning to notice things as they really are from a completely different perspective.  But then it is up to each individual to decide to remain on the negative side, or lean more to the positive.  Unfortunately it has become quite a struggle to stay positive, while all around you there are the sirens of gloom and doom.

Here are some tips to stay mentally positive and healthy:

1) While reading the news, skim the headlines good and bad, make a concerted effort to NOT read the articles that go into great detail of how a murder was conducted, or any such bad news.  It is important to stay informed, you can look for the mud puddles, you don’t have to waddle in them.

2) Seek out the more positive news, look for things that others have been doing to better the world around them, and seek out how you might be able to do more for your immediate world.

3) My sister shared a tip with me to eat more healthy (she is an MD and works with patients on how to get them OFF drugs and into a more healthy lifestyle) while in the supermarket, avoid the inner isles as that is where all of the junk food is.  The more natural food is always on the outer walls, fresh produce, foods, vegetables and natural foods.  All of the junk food, processed and elaborated foods are on the shelves in the inner isles.  Same goes with your mind, guard it from the negative input.

4) Learn where the OFF button is on your remote control, when you cannot find anything worth watching, turn the boob tube off and if you really need to be entertained, find an inspiring film, get a good book to read, or just take some extra time with your spouse, best friend, children or others that may be equally in need of some company or even a listening ear.

Your mind is where it all begins, it is the greatest God-given gift, it is like your garden.  You wouldn’t think of planting weeds rather than beautiful flowers in your garden would you?  Likewise use this as an example of what you should avoid doing to your mind. And, yes some weeds look pretty, but you have to see what the end result is in harvesting such pretty weeds.  They could destroy your entire garden!  Beware!

So guard you mind!  Keep it under subjection and in discipline.  Of course it seems easier to go down hill than up, but descending from the mountain is even more dangerous than to climb up the mountain! There is even greater risk to fall.

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