Take The Time!

We live in a pretty demanding world full of a million distractions and things to keep us pretty busy.  Some of the things are important and demand our attention, others are less important, and then there are the time wasters that suck the life out of you should you allow them to.

This gadget happy, materialistic environment that calls out to us continually to occupy our minds with thoughts and things that are “nice” and “handy” can tend to distract us from the pure simple and natural joys of living, that for some have gone all but lost in the shuffle.  All of these great, new and wonderful commodities are useful tools that can help us accomplish more.  They can bring us temporary fulfillment and happiness because they make our life easier.  But they will never bring us the lasting happiness that  feeds our inner soul and brings us back to the simple childlike joys of yesteryear.

I was thinking about this the other day as I took some off-time from the frantic busy life-style that I now call my “normal”.  This day  I took the time to enjoy the beauty of a flower, watch the sunset and gaze at the stars in the sky brought me feelings of appreciation for my family and loved ones as I remembered moments that I had spent with each one.  That is a joy that lasts on forever.

If you hope to have a great time, put aside all of the distractions, be it work, play gadgets or toys and take the time to feel that inner-peace and joy you experienced as a child. Learn to be happy with the moment, don’t allow yourself to be dependent on “things”.  They are but tools that we can use, just don’t allow them to use you!

Do you take the time?

6 Replies to “Take The Time!”

  1. Funny Rusty, just last evening I had left my cell phone in the house to re-charge and I went outside. I ended up cloud watching for quite some time. It was so relaxing and refreshing. I think I got more re-charged than the phone. We are too connected today 24/7. (Myself included!)

  2. Hi Rusty,

    I’m more busy than ever with blogging and stuff online. Yeah, enjoy ’em too. But as much as I’m at home, I do enjoy moments with my family and friends most time. But yet restricted with busy schedules.

    Lot of things I wanna do are with my family and not about computers or mobiles or gadgets. They are all precious moments of our life.


  3. life is a collection of moments.sometimes they are bitter sometimes they end with ecstasy.but life never ends it w’ll continue flow even if you want to glued somewhere.we think that without someone is impossible to live but its not practical somewhere someone will replace that and everything will as before

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