Why is the West Degressing?

Having lived in various countries in the world at different times of my life, I have made it a habit to study people. I very much enjoy learning the local customs, tasting the local cuisine. I have found that, although people in different parts of the world vary in their architecture, habits, mannerisms and religion, they are still people with very much the same inner desires. We all need to  love and to be loved, to be appreciated. Most people want to belong to a family or be a part of a group of friends, those who have a family want the very best for their children.

With all the “globalization” and open market that has been taking place around the world it is interesting to note a shift that has been occurring in the wealth and success of certain nations. I recently read and article in which it brought out, in my opinion a very valid point as to why this might be happening. I will share this from own personal perspective.

In the west, and I speak of the United States and Europe in particular, we have grown up in affluent societies since after the great depression. Each generation has, up until most recently, enjoyed a rather comfortable lifestyle. We have raised our children for the most part with everything that they might need (and even want). While growing up, in the 50’s and 60’s in the US the economy was mostly on the up and up, those who had endured the hardships of the World War and the great depression had gone through a great period of austerity and they had to just be happy with what they had, and they were.    I was happy perfectly to have a ball or a bike and friends to play with. History tends to repeat itself, and whenever there is a generation that has had to fight, bleed and sometimes die for what they have, or endure financial hardships, it helps them to grow stronger.

One might think that providing everything that your children need and much also of what they want, all of the time is their responsibility as a parent. The youth of the west have grown up with most of what they want without much sacrifice on their part. They didn’t have to personally strive for it, it was handed to them on a “silver platter”, they inherited it you might say. This is, in my opinion, the beginning of the destruction of the generation that follows. If you get children or people used to things being given to them at their slightest whim, they will continue to expect that to be the case for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately however, this is not at all how life treats us. We are here on earth to think for ourselves, take on what life throws at us, and learn to deal with it. If life has been a nice cushion ride since birth, we may never grow strong enough to deal with relationships, work, business, and all that comes with growing up, solving problems along life’s arduous path. In today’s world child discipline has been abandoned to such a degree that a child now grows up with a great handicap since he or she has no idea of what is right or wrong.

The labor of learning to fly!

The butterfly at first is a little caterpillar which at a certain point begins to build itself a cocoon where it will remain for a determined amount of time as it morphs into a beautiful colorful butterfly. Before it can fly however, it must work its way out of the cocoon. If you were to take a pair of scissors and cut the cocoon open to facilitate the butterfly, thinking to do it a great favor by making it easier for it to be released, you have just broken a great law of nature!  Should the butterfly not labor its way out of the cocoon, the necessary liquid that is needed to be passed to its wings to strengthen them to the point of being able to fly will not be passed on.  The butterfly will fall to the ground and be unable to take flight.  That is what happens to our next generation when we try to make it easy on them.  We are robing them of the natural metamorphosis of maturation!

Now let’s take a look at the East and in particular nations such as India, China, Vietnam.  These nations have been for many years “developing countries”, and now they are starting to become great super powers!  Why is this?  The youth that has grown up without as much as their necessities have been “blessed” with seeing the need to fight for what they want!  They are not expecting it to come to them from mom and dad, or from a wealthy uncle.  They are not waiting for their government to had them a tax break, or yet more social benefits.  They are rolling up their sleeves and applying themselves to create something from the nothing that they had!  They are tired of having nothing and are determined to do something about it!

So wake up west! We are going to be left way behind if we keep up the way we are going, depriving our younger generation this “gift” of struggling out of their cocoon!  We need to get back to the basics of following the path that nature has given us as a road map! This is the way to prosperity, not bearing arms to “take it back”.  If you don’t work hard for something, your really don’t deserve it!  So I believe it is time to stop whining and to get back to the basic principal of the great struggle of nature, the natural way!

I am all for technological advancements, computers cell phones, and even computer games for a little time to unwind.  But all of these commodities are meant to be tools and can be greatly useful.  The secret is to use these tools, but to be careful that the tools don’t use us!

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