Respect-Another word for love.

A have a few things to say about my dad.  I didn’t have the privilege of living together with my father for my entire childhood.  About the time I was 6 or 7, for reasons not totally understood by me my mother filed for a divorce from dad.  The complexities of life at that time for me were a mystery, I being the only boy home with 3 sisters as my elder brother had grown and had moved on himself to pursue his own life, he joined the Air force and eventually was stationed in England.  It was tough on me, as I enjoyed being with my dad who would take me to little league baseball and I will never forget pancakes on Saturday morning and then donuts after we attended church on Sunday.  When I turned 14, having been involved with a group of young people of the then “Jesus People Revolution” , I was given permission to join them full-time and I was soon off with my two older sisters to “go into all the world to preach the gospel” leaving my mom behind, and with a distant connection with dad.

Perhaps you can imagine how difficult this was on my parents who no doubt, like any parents, had other things in mind for their kids.  Anyways, off I went to live my dream which laid way outside the boundary of what my parents would have wanted me to do.  It is only normal that, once a child arrives at a certain age, that they seek their own independence and way in life.  But all too often in our pursuit at that age, we care little about what this might mean to those who love us and who as parents, have raised us from babies to adults.

After having been gone for a couple of years without coming home to visit, having traveled to Puerto Rico and then on to Europe I receive a letter from dad.  Mind you, I was 16 years of age at the time and in the letter my dad explains to me that he has found a women whom he loves and he wanted to know if it was fine with me that he get married to her! I thought to myself, wow, what an incredible person he is, to write to me to ask me how I felt!  I have never forgotten this for my entire life, and not having lived with my dad for much of my life, I learned one of the most important lessons in life.  It showed me how important it was to take into consideration others who are close to us when making important decisions!  Something I had not been so good at so far in my life!  I have often said to others when sharing about respect, that it is simply another important way of showing your love.

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