Three Wise Words–I Don’t Know!

“The true test of character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don’t know what to do.” –John W. Holt Jr.

Have you ever been around people who, even when you know that they don’t know much about the subject at hand,  they keep talking anyway as if they were totally knowledgeable?  Have you found yourself embarrassed that you didn’t know all that much about a subject, but you want so bad to be a part of the topic so you pipe in too without really knowing what you are talking about?

Some of the wisest words that can be spoken at a time that you are not sure about something are “I don’t know”  Of course we are all entitled to our own opinion, but if you really don’t know anything about the subject at hand the best thing to do is admit it and say, “I don’t know”.  The good thing about admitting not knowing something  is, we then are open to finding out more about the subject from someone who does know about it.  That is the beauty of having others who have talents and knowledge that we don’t have and to whom we can go to get some answers.

I believe that the reason many of us share our views about a subject we know little about is the fact that we have a need to “belong” to some group or crowd.  However, the fact that we don’t know everything about whatever is being discussed is actually very natural and normal and we shouldn’t feel embarrassed.  By using the wisdom in these words “I don’t know” we will be found wiser than if we are to just warm the air with our words.  If we remain silent for a time it might amaze us with just how much knowledge we can gain by doing so! And if you state that you don’t know something, then you can rest assured that you are in good company!

On the other hand, what you do know is a tremendous contribution!  It pays to know your stuff well so that you can be a help to all the other people who don’t know what you do.  It reminds me of a little joke that I heard some time ago about a guy that tells everyone that he and his brother knew everything!  So one day someone challenged him and said “oh yeah, well then what is the percentile of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere?” To the which he responded, “I don’t know” and this person said “ha, you see, you don’t know everything!”  then he quipped “that is something my brother knows!” Ha!  So, it is comforting to know that you don’t have to know everything, you can get your brother’s help!

And of course, if you don’t know something, ask Google or Wikipedia!  How much do you know?

Long Lasting Love!

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy” Saint Francis of Assisi

Gosh, I think we all feel the need to be loved and would like for our passion and love to live on for eternity!  We would hope that others would just accept us for who we are and love us despite our weaknesses and failures!  The question is, do we do to others as we would like others to do to us?  Or do expect others  to do unto us, even though we do not do so ourselves.

We tend to have a high standard of expectation towards others, but tend to forget that the road to get there is a two-way road and not one way only!  I have heard it said many times over how wonderful a dog is, man’s best friend!  You can forget to feed him, he loves you the same, you can correct him for something harshly, he loves you the same.   Humans can be so much more critical and judgmental and have very long memories.  You make a wrong step with another human being and boom you are literally in the dog house, and not for just the day!

Love is an interesting thing, we all want it unconditionally but we deal it out with many conditions!  But is this how we really believe and expect to get it back? Of course not!  So, in order to have real, long-lasting love, we need to abide by the same rule book we hold over the heads of those we pretend it from!  Let’s name a few of these points.

1) Forgiveness, do we seek to forgive those who have wronged us?  Do we take the time to talk things over and attempt to understand how they may have strayed, shared our hearts together to see how we can avoid this from ever happening again in the future?  It is important to learn the importance of forgiveness, after all, we are all imperfect and fail and most unfortunately need to be forgiven ourselves for the many blunder that we make as well.  No one is perfect, not even you, believe it or not!

2) Patience.  Do you have the necessary patience to put up with certain things that bother you about your other half?  Do they snore at night, leave their laundry on the floor, discard a dish or cup without cleaning it.  Do they take forever to get in the car when you are late for an appointment, do they wait for the very last-minute to complete a task.  Are you able to bear with this weakness, and express your loving concern for their lacks, even if this means repeating it almost daily…in love?

3) Humility. Are you able to humble yourself when you know that you have transgressed in any of the above mentioned “transgressions” and have you asked for forgiveness?  Saying that you are sorry for your past or present mistakes can break down many barriers!  Try to take the “lower seat” in an argument, you will be amazed at what love and trust you will gain!

The road to long-lasting love is…well…long!  So you need to understand that it will take a lot of work.  It is not something that you just snap your fingers and it happens or rub a lamp and a Genie will appear with a magic solution.  It takes that horrible four letter word called w.o.r.k.! Yep, effort, but one that is well worth it and so rewarding!  It is all too easy to just give up, and sad to say that is what so many tend to do.  Well, if it is not going my way then forget it!  How selfish!  The road to success is one of great sacrifice!  Everything that is worth anything cost something!

Have you experienced the tough road and found it to be extremely rewarding?  Let us know what you think!